You must be at 09: 00h at the Nautic Fun offices to carry out the relevant administrative procedures. The boat will be delivered to the Moll de sa Colársega, Puerto de Mahón, from 10:00 a.m. Our seamanship team will explain the operation of the boat and the basic information for safe navigation.

If you want to start your navigation from another point on the island, contact us before making your reservation. Our sailors will bring you the boat where you tell us.

If you wish to return later than the established time, you can do so, previously agreeing and paying the corresponding supplement, never exceeding 9pm.

The boat will be delivered with a full tank of fuel and must be returned in the same conditions. The boat must be returned with the equipment ordered and properly stowed, and in normal cleaning conditions taking into account the use.
If you want a perfect day, come prepared. Food and drink, especially water, to avoid dehydration. Protective cream. Swimwear and hat or cap to protect yourself from the sun. Non-slip footwear to prevent falls. If you like to dive, don't forget your goggles, fins or other aquatic gadgets.

All boats have a portable refrigerator, apart from the refrigerator integrated in the boat itself. They are equipped with life jackets for all passengers and with all mandatory safety instruments.

At Nautic Fun we have diving masks and fins for sale. In addition, we have paddle surf boards for rent for a complete experience. We also have ice for sale for our clients.

If the rental of the boat is done without a skipper, the crew member must carry the documentation that certifies it as suitable for the management of the boat in question. The identity document of all passengers and the skipper's title of the person who will govern the boat must be presented.
If you do not know which boat is the most suitable for your plan, at Nautic Fun we advise you so that you enjoy your departure to the fullest. We have boats of different lengths and types. Inflatable boats, yachts, Llaut Menorquín and Sailboats. With capacity for 4 and up to 12 people.
At Nautic Fun we offer you different services for a complete experience. Do not forget to take it into account when you make your reservation.

Life raft
Goggles and diving tube
Outboard motor
Auxiliary pneumatics
Paddle surf
Refueling Linens
VIP transfer to / from airport

• We have free parking and showers exclusively for clients.
The only requirement to rent a boat is that you are of legal age. In case you have a navigation license and you intend to govern the boat, you must present the proper documentation on the day of your departure. All our boats require a permit, if you do not have one, Nautic Fun offers you a skipper service. All the rental conditions, you will find them in General Conditions.
Before going sailing it is important that you plan your route to know the time that each trip will take. It is mandatory to have the license for each type of boat. Depending on the permit you have, the navigation areas will be the following:

Boat length: 6 m
Maximum sailing distance: up to 2 miles from shore

Boat length: 8 m
Maximum sailing distance: up to 5 miles from shore

Boat length: 15 m
Maximum sailing distance: up to 12 miles from shore

Boat length: 24 m
Maximum sailing distance: up to 150 miles from shore

Boat length: 24 m
Maximum navigation distance: No navigation limits
Yes, children can go sailing. If you travel with babies you must take into account the following information: Babies under one year of age do not pay because they are not considered passengers. We have life jackets for children.
In case of breakdown, accident or any other unforeseen during navigation, you must contact us immediately.


Nautic Fun Charter 971 36 42 50/670 39 63 96 (08:00-22:00h)
Nautic Fun Emergencies 699 08 09 71 (22:00 - 08:00h)
Emergencies 112
Salvamento Marítimo 900 202 202
Policía Nacional 091
Guardia Civil 062
Radio Taxi Mahón Zone 971 367 111
Radio Taxi Ciutadella Zone 971 482 222
It is obligatory to respect the swimming area, always anchoring outside the yellow buoys on the beaches.

The anchoring of boats on the Posidonia meadows is generally prohibited.

You can only anchor for overnight stays in areas designated for this purpose, such as buoy fields or marinas.
Consult our route “Navigating Menorca” with practical information about the island: maps, safe moorings, weather forecasting, routes and other tips.
Several days: on the day of departure the delivery of the boat will be made at 10:00 a.m. - on the day of arrival the return will be made before 7:00 p.m.

Full day: 10.00 - 19.00h
Noon tomorrow: 10.00 - 14.00h
Noon afternoon: 15.00 - 19.00h
Afternoon: 17.00 - 20.00h

Fractions of days cannot be reserved. The rent is subject to availability.

If you rent a boat with a Skipper, for a fraction of a day, the Skipper availability charge will have the same cost as for a whole day.

The boat must be returned with a 100% full fuel tank, in case you prefer that we take care of refueling after completing your navigation, payment will be made according to the established rate.

If you wish to return later than the established time (19:00h) you can do so, giving prior notice and paying the corresponding supplement. Deadline: 21:00h
Nautic Fun is the only charter company in Menorca open all year round, so if you want to rent a boat out of season, contact us and check availability.
In case of adverse weather conditions or bad weather forecast, we recommend that you do not go sailing, as it could be dangerous. If the departure is annulled or cancelled due to bad weather, we will proceed to refund the amount of the reservation.
We also offer the option of deferring the reservation to another available day.

In the event of adverse weather conditions, the rental of the boat may be annulled or cancelled, as long as 2 of the following circumstances occur:

• Wave Height: wave height greater than 1 meter.
• Wind speed: wind over 20 knots.
• Precipitation: heavy rain for more than 2h of the total duration of navigation.
• Before going sailing, check the weather to plan your navigation route.
• The maximum speed in ports and beaches is 3 knots.
• It is prohibited to leave the boat at anchor without an experienced crew member on board and unattended.
• Avoid bathing on the high seas with the boat in motion.
• Please take special care not to leave trash on the beaches or throw it in the sea. The generated waste must be deposited in the port containers at the end of navigation.
• In order to avoid greater water consumption, which is very scarce on the island, we ask that you keep the boat in the best possible cleaning conditions.

If you have any questions or queries, contact us