Menorca has been a Biosphere Reserve since 1993. It hides a paradise of crystalline waters and wild vegetation, as well as a rich biodiversity and a vast historical and cultural heritage.

Its 216 km of coastline make it a perfect island to visit in a few days, although the wealth it hides is so great that it never ceases to amaze you.

Menorca is an island of contrasts. The South is characterized by its turquoise waters and fine white sand, an earthly paradise. While the North, more rugged and untamed, shows reddish tones and dreamy landscapes.


Main points of interest for navigation. Departure from Mahón.


- Punta Prima / Isla del Aire

Located in the South East of the island, it is one of the most visited points, there is a sandy area with turquoise waters where you can anchor.

- Binibequer Beach

Small beach located to the south of the Island, sheltered from the winds of the North component, with a sandy bottom and a beach bar to have a drink on the beach itself.

- Cales Coves

Spectacular cove surrounded by limestone cliffs from 30 to 40 meters. It is an area frequented by boats looking for a quiet and beautiful place to spend the night.

- Binigaus

Open virgin beach, with white sand and turquoise waters, perfect for anchoring and spending the day.

- Cala Galdana

One of the few beaches with services located in the South of the island. You can find from a restaurant to a pharmacy. Landings must be carried out with an auxiliary boat.


- Cala Mesquida

White sand beach located 5 km from Mahón, it is a beach surrounded by semi-submerged rocks, so the approach is not recommended unless the area is well known.

- Es Grau / Isla Colom

Es Grau is a small fishing village with a large sandy area integrated into the natural park of Albufera des Grau. You will find restaurants and a small supermarket. In front of its coast is the Illa d’en Colom, where you will find a spectacular anchorage area. It is recommended to leave a reasonable distance to the coast during navigation.

- Cala Presili

Spectacular virgin cove located between Punta de Presili and Cap de Favàritx. The marine conditions are suitable for anchoring boats, although we recommend taking extreme precautions due to the semi-submerged rocks in the area. Exposed to the winds from the East.

- Son Parc

White sand beach located inside a natural "pot" of steep rocks. Sandy bottom, easy to anchor.

- Fornells

Fornells Bay is located in the north of the island, along the Bay and its surroundings you will find different coves and virgin beaches. Fornells is one of the most charming fishing villages in Menorca, known for its lobster stew, which you can taste in most restaurants in the area. It has all kinds of services and a small marina. This bay is the best shelter that can be found in the North of the island with a north wind.

Navigating the coast of Menorca allows you to discover corners, caves and islets inaccessible on foot. It is important to plan the route well before going sailing.

In addition, it is essential to consult the weather forecast and plan the departure based on the wind. Menorca is the island of calm, but it is also characterized by its strong north winds.

Another aspect that you have to take into account are the anchorage areas. It is obligatory to respect the swimming area, always anchoring outside the yellow buoys on the beaches. In general, it is prohibited to anchor boats on Posidonia meadows. You can only anchor for overnight stays in areas designated for this purpose, such as buoy fields or marinas.

In our route "Navigating by Menorca" you will find routes, maps, safe moorings and all the practical information for safe and pleasant navigation on the island. To obtain a copy of our route, you only have to fill in the different fields that you will find below.

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